Putting the Heart Back in Hempstead Village

Village Elections are March 21st!!

If you cannot get out to vote for the Heart of Hempstead on March 21st and require an absentee ballot, please email hempsteadunityparty@gmail.com.

Additionally, if you require a ride to the polls on the day of the Election…WE WILL PICK YOU UP!  Again, email hempsteadunityparty@gmail.com for any assistance.


Our Mayoral Candidate Don Ryan Calls Out Hall!

On Friday, March 17th, our Mayoral Candidate Don Ryan held a press conference calling out some suspicious donations current Mayor Hall received. He received over $100,000 in donations by developers to his political action committee. The same developers who are poised to make quite a profit if Hall gets re-elected. Don’t be fooled!

Here’s a link to the article+video, please note you do need a Newsday subscription to read it.


Our Vision

A suburban village where we can live safely, afford to raise a family and find meaningful employment with career job training. We must support our children, particularly, as to education and in partnership with our faith community. Let us start working together for a better tomorrow.

Our Path

  • Changing the negative images of Hempstead
  • Opposing high density residential apartment complexes which increase taxes because of IDA discounts and negatively impact our schools and environment.
  • Encouraging expansion of commercial and light industrial tax base.
  • Identify and develop career job training programs that provide opportunities for Hempstead residents.
  • Work with school districts to coordinate after school programs that combat gang activities.

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Here’s a quick video about our candidate for Mayor Don Ryan!